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Kinda been overdone.... everything was decent though....
One thing i dont get..... why were there 4 ps2 controllers? The silly thing only supports 2....

ryguypie responds:

There was a lot more than 4 ps2 controllers, and more than 4 xbox controllers. Thanks for the review :)

Insults are fun

Ive never been so happy to see people being insulted, but that just wrapped them all:
Footy Addicts, HomoBashers, FatBrains, NASCAR.

well done. Politically Incorrect, and proud of it.

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Very Well Done

Well Done, Daniel. A very professional Flash. Deserves at least 3/5

Refine the art a bit (except for the Wolf, which looks really good), and this could be front page material

And to think... you did all this during school....

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Not Bad, but obvious glitch

Nice, simple game. Liked the shop. Giving it more of a tournament-like feel (win a ceertain number of matches, be invited to exclusive races, etc) would've been nice.
However, there was one obvious money making glitch. Go to the betting tab, and bet on the worst rated dog (10:1 odds), but bet in negative amounts of money (eg. $-9999999). When he loses, as he should, you'll lose a negative amount of money (or in other words, gain a heap)

Benspyda responds:

Thanks, I didn't think of testing that. The glitch is now fixed, thanks for your help.

Variety and Depth in Abundance....almost too much?

Holy hell.... Such depth, such variety.
I mean, Mario and final fantasy definitely. Some old retro ones too.
Chrono Chross maybe.... but Radical Dreamers? you put a game which wasn't even officially released in English on the list!
I may never guess them all! (ONly on about 20 right now, still going though).
Mate, great style, great layout and idea... but maybe give some more specific hints... there are a number of FF something or Mario SOMETHING that I'm having trouble guessing. But still loving it. Man....
When I clicked on Music and heard Scars of Time from CC, i nearly cried! I love that game so much ^_^

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Just Like FF

Just Like Final Fantasy: Good graphics, nice music/sound, intricate characters, but annoying as hell to play.
That being said, it is one of the better dating isms out there, and i liked the GUI
btw, one major bug: Talk to a girl, but instead of hitting close, hit the bottom left of the screen where 'talk' button was. I got Rinoa to 1000exp in our first encounter.

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